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TRG-100 Time Code Reader/Generator

The TRG-100 is a multi-frame rate SMPTE time code reader/generator with an 8 character red LED display suitable for installation in a studio, video production room, large or small editing suite or in a laboratory or test situation. It can both read and generate time code for SD and HD video frame rates and its small desktop size lets it sit conveniently on a desk top, or be rack or wall mounted. The time code reader can discern between 23.976 and 24 FPS (Frames-Per-Second) time code and between 29.97 and 30 FPS time code and displays the true frame rate. Operation is very simple and is controlled from four front panel switches.


UTG-50 Universal SMPTE Time Code Generator

The UTG-50 is a multi-frame-rate SMPTE time code generator with an internal GPS receiver. The UTG-50 is truly universal and can generate at frame rates of 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 drop/non-drop frame, or 30 FPS (Frames-Per-Second). The UTG-50 is designed to provide SMPTE time code that represents accurate “real time” time and date. The SMPTE time code time value can be preset and locked to GPS data via an internal GPS receiver, to an internal real-time clock/calendar chip, or to an external time code input.


PTG2 Portable Time Code Generator with 2 Line OLED Display

The PTG2 is a palm-sized SMPTE time code generator/reader that is simple to setup and operate and features a large 2-line OLED display readout for time code, user bits, and setup information. The PTG2 is an ideal generator for use with video recorders in multi camera situations where it is necessary for each recording to have the same time code for precise time and image matching during post production. These situations may include sporting events, games, concerts, automobile, aircraft, and boating events, parades, weddings, etc.


TCP-50 Time Code Processor

The TCP-50 is a universal SMPTE longitudinal time code processor that provides a variety of needed time code processing functions to keep up with the changes and requirements of dealing with multi format longitudinal time code.