About us

Since 1987 HORITA Co. has been an international supplier of a wide variety of award winning SMPTE/ EBU time code and video products. Our customers range from home businesses to corporate and professional video production studios, broadcast and cable networks, and military/ industrial users. All Horita products are designed to help save you time and money.

HORITA products can be divided into four broad functional categories:

Time Code Products

These include SMPTE/ EBU LTC and VITC readers, generators, and translators with LCD, LED, or "on-screen" video displays.


Video Signal Generators

These include video test signal generators, color bar, blackburst and sync generators.


Video "Overlay" Products

Overlay titles/ captions, time/ date, a stopwatch display, and audio levels


GPS-based Video and Time Code

GPS-based master time code and video sync generators as well as time/ date and position logging products


These HORITA "boxes" make your job easier because they are affordable, versatile, and easy to use products designed to perform specific problem solving tasks. You don't pay for functions you don't require. They are simple to operate, and yet have the the features that you really need and use. Plus, they are built in the USA and designed and tested to last. Every unit goes through a full six stage production process of detailed visual inspection, pre burn-in test, 18-24 hour operational burn-in, post burn-in test, final inspection and assembly, and a final quality assurance functional test. Even the individual power adapters supplied with our units are burn-in tested.

This is why we can offer a three year full parts and labor warranty, and after that, we will repair any HORITA product for a maximum charge of $35.00, plus shipping costs. If you need product support, you can email HORITA Co. at info@horita.com, or use the Contact Us page on this site. Our sales people, designers, engineers, and test staff are here to help solve your technical problems and application questions.