ADQ-50 Audio Dialog Cue

Audio / Video Cue "Streamer"
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The ADQ-50 is a low cost, small, desktop sized unit that generates both video and audio cue prompts for use during ADR, Foley, or other post production audio tasks that require precise and repeatable timing or syncing of audio responses to specific video action.

The ADQ-50 overlays a thin white vertical line which sweeps across the screen from left to right. When the line reaches the rightmost side of the screen it meets a vertical white bar, and a square box is flashed for a few frames in the center of the screen. The combination of the disappearing line and the flashing square visually signals the start of the audio event.

In addition, as the line moves across the screen, the ADQ-50 outputs an audio cue pattern consisting of three evenly spaced audio tones, which a fourth tone missing in sync with the flashing square video prompt. The audio prompts also interact with the video display by turning off the sweeping line when the tones sound, permitting use on sound stages or other environments where low or zero volume levels are required.

The ADQ-50 sweep display is triggered in response to a preset SMPTE time code value, a General Purpose Interface ("GPI"), or manually via the "REHEARSE" switch on the front panel. The ADQ can also be controlled from an RS232 serial port using the supplied QMe™ software. The Windows- based QMe™ program allows the user to capture cue times, compile these times into a list, and add comments associated with each event. This list can then be printed, saved, recalled, or sent to the ADQ-50 in the post production session. 

  • Reads SMPTE time code from 1/30th play speed up to 10x play speed.

  • Simple actuation of the pushbutton MARK switch captures the time code time associated with the cue point.

  • "MARK"ed time can be trimmed frame-by-frame to the exact point at which the ADR, Foley, or other audio event is to occur.

  • Automatically "backtimes" the sweep display and audio tone cuing sequences to end with the square video prompt flashed in the center of the screen when the incoming time code coincides with the marked time.

  • Can also be triggered manually for rehearsal purposes, by RS232 serial data input from a PC, or a "pull- down" GPI input signal.

  • Event times can be entered manually from a list by using the MARK switches.

  • Includes Horita QMe™ event list/ control software.