AM-50 Audio Meter

"On-Screen" Audio VU Meter
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The AM-50 is an on-screen audio level meter which provides a visual indication of audio signal amplitude. Dual channel "bridging" type audio inputs accept balanced or unbalanced (single ended) stereo audio inputs. Balanced input range is selectable from 0dBu, +4dBu, or +8dBu, single ended input range from -20dBV, -10dBV, or -5dBV.

Various formats are provided for displaying the audio levels, including those designed to take up a minimum amount of on-screen video space, those with a "see thru" mode, black mask on/off, audio level markers on/off, etc. Display format, size, and position selections are saved in non-volatile memory.

  • Channels can be individually identified as 0-9 A-F or as a group from 00-to-99 or 0-9 A-Z.

  • Familiar "VU" meter response ballistics.

  • Normal, peak, alarm, and phase check modes are provided.

  • Alarm mode leaves flashing "peak" reading until display is manually reset.

  • Phase check mode displays "In" or "Out" phase condition.