GPS-MTG2 GPS- Based "Master" SMPTE Time Code Generator

GPS- Based "Master" SMPTE Time Code Generator

The HORITA GPS-MTG2 is a GPS- based "Master" SMPTE Time Code Generator intended for use as a "house" time code generator to provide time and date format time code for operating various types of SMPTE time code based equipment, such as analog, digital, and video overlay time-of-day clock displays, date displays, and automation and playback systems. The MTG2 also finds application in various field, studio, editing, engineering, and post production situations. 

The MTG2 generates industry standard “longitudinal” (also called “linear”) format SMPTE time code (LTC) at various user selectable frame rates and provides both balanced and un-balanced output signals. In addition to the GPS system, the MTG2 can set and maintain the generated time code to the time and date from an internal Real Time Clock (RTC) chip or to an externally applied SMPTE time code input. 

The MTG2 provides user selection of local time zone offsets from UTC time and also provides automatic Daylight Savings Time (DST) time and date correction if desired. 

As the MTG2 generates the time code, the original reference signal used to preset the generator is monitored and its time value is compared to that of the MTG2 time code being output. If there is a time error difference that exceeds a user preset value, the MTG2 then automatically presets it's time to the source time. 

If the original preset signal fails to occur for longer than about five minutes, the MTG2 will output an “Alarm” signal and then either switch over to the pre-selected backup source for the time and date, or continue to “free run” locked to the precision internal crystal frequency which will maintain the time accurate to within +/- 1-frame per hour.


Although the MTG2 provides many operational controls and features for selecting and setting up its operation, it also has automatic setup selections for the most common applications and user situations.  

The MTG2 requires an analog RS170 composite video input to display its various operational setup menus and time and date displays. Additionally, the user can enter and display up to 9 lines of 20 characters each of source ID or other alphanumeric titling information. All of the MTG2 setup information, operating mode selection, and titling information is saved in battery backed up, non-volatile memory, and restored at power up. 

The MTG2 is contained in a standard Horita 1 RU 19" rack mount and includes a ruggedized GPS antenna/receiver unit with a 10 meter cable. The MTG2 replaces the Horita GPS-MTG.