S100EK Rackmount Ear Kit

Rackmount Ear Kit

Mounts 1 Series- 100 unit in a standard 19" equipment rack. Includes 1 short ear, 1 9.6" long ear panel and mounting screws

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TR-100 Time Code Reader

The TR-100 is a SMPTE time code reader featuring an adjustable brightness 0.8 inch LED display. The brightness control allows comfortable use in bright light or in a dimly lit studio, while the 0.8" character height is good for up close or across the room viewing. The TR-100 also translates LTC time code into MIDI Time Code (MTC) for use in the audio/video workshop. The TR-100 controls are located in the back for an uncluttered display of the time code value.


TRG-100 Time Code Reader/Generator

The TRG-100 is a multi-frame rate SMPTE time code reader/generator with an 8 character red LED display suitable for installation in a studio, video production room, large or small editing suite or in a laboratory or test situation. It can both read and generate time code for SD and HD video frame rates and its small desktop size lets it sit conveniently on a desk top, or be rack or wall mounted. The time code reader can discern between 23.976 and 24 FPS (Frames-Per-Second) time code and between 29.97 and 30 FPS time code and displays the true frame rate. Operation is very simple and is controlled from four front panel switches.


VLR-100 VITC/ LTC Reader

The VLR-100 is a combination high speed LTC and VITC SMPTE time code reader with 0.56" high 8-digit LED display characters. It's small desktop size and convenient front panel switches make it ideal for use in the studio, video production room, remote van, or laboratory.