BRT Black Rack Tray

Holds Up To 4 Black Desktop Units in a 19" x 1RU (1.75") Space

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VDA-50 Video Distribution Amplifier

The VDA-50 consists of two or three separate high performance SD RS-170A or PAL 625/50 analog composite video distribution amplifiers with user selectable jumpers on the PCB that allow it to be configured for various multiple or single video/pulse DA applications.


BSG-50 Blackburst, Sync Pulse, & Audio Tone Generator

The BSG-50 provides an economical means for generating the most common SD analog composite video reference timing signals required to operate various SD analog composite video switchers, effects generators, VTRs/VCRs, cameras, video edit controllers, and other professional video equipment.


AK4 3.5mm "Y" Mini Phone Adapter Cable Kit

3.5mm "Y" Mini Phone Adapter Cable Kit