Video & Audio Production Equipment

TVC-50 Time Code Video Clock

The TVC-50 reads SMPTE LTC time code and provides a display overlay of time and date onto SD NTSC or PAL analog composite video based on the time and user bit value and date from an internal clock/calendar. The TVC-50 provides numerous time and date display formats and is an ideal video time/date display device for use with the HORITA UTG-50 or GPS-MTG2 master SMPTE time code generator.


UTG-50 Universal SMPTE Time Code Generator

The UTG-50 is a multi-frame-rate SMPTE time code generator with an internal GPS receiver. The UTG-50 is truly universal and can generate at frame rates of 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 drop/non-drop frame, or 30 FPS (Frames-Per-Second). The UTG-50 is designed to provide SMPTE time code that represents accurate “real time” time and date. The SMPTE time code time value can be preset and locked to GPS data via an internal GPS receiver, to an internal real-time clock/calendar chip, or to an external time code input.


VDA-50 Video Distribution Amplifier

The VDA-50 consists of two or three separate high performance SD RS-170A or PAL 625/50 analog composite video distribution amplifiers with user selectable jumpers on the PCB that allow it to be configured for various multiple or single video/pulse DA applications.


VS-50 Video Stopwatch

The HORITA VS-50 "Video Stopwatch"™ overlays your NTSC or PAL SD analog composite video with an "on-screen" timer display to help you time lectures, speakers, events, talent, rehearsals, indicate time remaining, etc. Plus, with the VS-50 GPI output signal, you can trigger and time sound or other effects, laboratory experiments, etc., relative to the action in your video.


VS-REM Video Stopwatch Remote Control

Video Stopwatch Remote Control