GPS Time & Position Overlay

GPT-50 GPS Video Titler/Captioner

The GPT-50 GPS Video Titler adds real-time GPS data to SD analog composite video for recording or viewing. The video output from the GPT-50 is the same as the video input plus a caption of GPS position and other data, depending on input code format. The GPT-50 works with NTSC RS-170A or 625/50 SD analog composite video and RS-232 or RS-422 serial inputs, in several selectable formats. You can select from a total of 12 GPS input code formats.


MDD-100 Time Code Alphanumeric Date LED Display

The MDD-100 is a studio date display which reads SMPTE time code and provides either a month/day/year, or day-of-week/month/day alphanumeric date readout.


MTD-100 Time Code Time/Date LED Display

The MTD-100 is a studio time/date display which reads SMPTE time code and provides either hours, minutes, and seconds time readout, or month, day, and year date readout.


PG-2100 Portable Mini Time Code Generator

The PG-2100 is an inexpensive palm-sized SMPTE time code generator intended for field use in multi-camera situations when its desirable (or necessary) for each tape to have the exact same time code for precise image matching during post production.


PTG Portable Time Code Generator with 2 Line LCD

The PTG is a palm-sized SMPTE time code generator/reader that is simple to setup and operate and features a large 2-line liquid crystal display (LCD) readout for time code, user bits, and setup information. The PTG is an ideal generator for use with video recorders in multi camera situations where it is necessary for each recording to have the same time code for precise time and image matching during post production. These situations may include sporting events, games, concerts, automobile, aircraft, and boating events, parades, weddings, etc.


TVC-50 Time Code Video Clock

The TVC-50 reads SMPTE LTC time code and provides a display overlay of time and date onto SD NTSC or PAL analog composite video based on the time and user bit value and date from an internal clock/calendar. The TVC-50 provides numerous time and date display formats and is an ideal video time/date display device for use with the HORITA UTG-50 or GPS-MTG2 master SMPTE time code generator.